Testimonials - Back

Prolapsed Disc

I have been a patient of the Loughborough Physiotherapy Sports Injuries clinic for at least 10 years and have always had excellent treatment. Most recently I have been treated for a prolapsed disc and without their prompt diagnosis, I would not have been referred to a specialist and had a MRI scan. With the specialist recommendation s and my physiotherapist’s treatment, my recovery would not have been so fast.

I can highly recommend the Clinic for their treatment, knowledge, and friendly service.

Hazel Richardson

Ongoing back pain

I would like to thank you for my recent treatment to cure my back pain. This was an ongoing problem for a number of years. Your examination and explanation was first class, which made it easier to understand the reason for the pain.

The written instructions for the corrective action was the first time anyone had done it, which I found very helpful to remind me what to do at home.

Excellent, modern facilities, friendly attention, I would recommend your practice to anyone.

George Reynolds - July 2014

Extreme Back Pain

I have been highly impressed by the team at Loughborough Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic. They have provided an excellent service to me for several years. I suffered from extreme back pain until I came to the clinic and had seen other Physiotherapists and Osteopaths over a period of several years but could not resolve the issues on a permanent basis.

The clinic team dealt with my issues in a professional way which has allowed me to return to sport rehabilitated, and I feel stronger and fitter. Their attention to detail and personalised exercise and rehab programs really made a difference not just to treat the injuries but to help prevent further complications by correcting weaknesses.

On the occasions when further diagnosis and investigations have been required I have been speedily seen by a combination of different physiotherapists within the practice. I cannot recommend the clinic highly enough.

S Dhillon

Back & Neck

My husband and I have been going to the Loughborough Physio Clinic for some years now.

I would like to begin by saying that they have an excellent Assistant Practice Manager in Mel she always gives a wonderful warm and reassuring greeting whether over the phone or face to face. It makes you feel that all will be well there with such pleasant people and surroundings.

We have visited Mandy Clapham on numerous occasions both of us with back and neck problems. The treatment received has been both excellent and extremely beneficial. Mandy has always made us feel at ease and you can be assured that you will leave the clinic feeling much better than when you went in.

Mr & Mrs Carter

Severe Back Problems

My back problems first started as my young son reached 14 months of age. Lifting a young child regularly, I soon developed sciatic pain and was told by my GP I had a prolapsed disc. With care and rest the sciatic pain occurred again. With two children to care for this time my back went into total spasm for which my GP prescribed bed rest for about a month. Twelve months later with persistent numbness in my legs when walking I was referred to a rheumatologist.

At his recommendation I went through several procedures. First a milogram, which showed I had nerve damage. This was followed by steroidal injections round discs, into discs and then into facet joints. Still faced with numbness and pain when walking I was finally given an MRI scan in November 1990 which revealed three prolapsed discs and a restricted spinal canal.

The consultant said that as I was small in stature he would be reluctant to operate as I may lose the use of the nerves in my legs. He was also concerned that Physiotherapy could be too vigorous. He then referred me to Joanne Hartshorn. He said he had worked with her before and felt he could trust my care to her capable hands.

This was in January 1991 and she has seen me through many trials and tribulations with my back. It was just wonderful after all the procedures I had gone through to have someone who could actually put their fingers on the point of pain and explain so clearly what was happening. With Jo’s kindly empathetic manner, extensive knowledge and constant encouragement I have successfully learnt to manage my back problems allowing me to lead a generally normal and active life.

I was really unable to walk for more than about a hundred yards when I first walked into her clinic. With a very gradual programme of manual therapy, exercise and acupuncture I began to return to the real world. After initial encouragement from Jo to walk in the swimming pool for 15 minutes, I have progressed over the years to swimming 50 lengths three times a week.

A back problem is not just about the physical condition itself. Constant pain and inability to carry on with normal life drains the emotions and I can’t express how much regular contact with Jo and her clinic over all these years has kept me going.

Although most of my appointments have been with Jo, I have experienced the same level of care and professionalism from all the other members of her staff I have seen. I cannot recommend the clinic and its staff highly enough and have often done so. My husband has also been successfully treated by them for a shoulder injury.

I hope this testimonial will go some way to thanking everyone at the clinic, but especially Jo for their never ending kindness and care.

B Singer


I can highly recommend the Loughborough Physiotherapy Clinic, Forest Road Loughborough. After five weeks of being in agony and not being able to sit, due to a back problem which caused Sciatica, I rang the Clinic and was given an appointment for the next day by a very pleasant receptionist. The next day I was met by again a lovely receptionist and Jo, who immediately put me at ease. After examination Jo found I was on the wrong medication, so rang my doctors and sorted that out for me, so this helped a lot. After four appointments I had my life back.


Marg Wells

Back & Neck injury

I am a fitness instructor in my mid 50s and after many years of teaching and being lucky enough to escape injury, I fell on ice 4 years ago and injured my lower back and neck. I continued to teach and did not listen to my body – huge mistake. I played down the severity of my injuries and worked ‘around’ them hoping that I could manage the pain and work around the physical damage.

However, after a year of pain and discomfort, and consulting other therapists, a friend recommended Jo. I was very nervous about going to another therapist as I had been very disappointed with the other therapists and was resigning myself to having to give up my job and life-long passion. On walking into her practice you go straight into reception, and you are immediately put at ease – the staff are very friendly and welcoming.

On first meeting Jo I thought she was kind, caring and wanted to know in-depth what it was I had done, I finally felt I was in safe hands and was positive I would get good results! After one session she put me on the road to recovery and gave me daily rehabilitation exercises that were specific to my needs. One of the most important things, for me, with a physiotherapist, is to know they care and with Jo I am never in any doubt about that.

Jo has been putting me back together for years with my different injuries and, with her magic hands, wealth of knowledge and measured approach she inspires total confidence.

I now only go to Jo on a maintenance basis and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone, (and frequently do!) – she’s been my lifesaver.

R Mattioli