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MRI scanning

At the clinic we are able to refer you for an MRI scan. The scanner is situated at Nuffield Hospital, Scraptoft Lane, Leicester LE5 1HY. It is a state-of-the-art facility.


Bone Density Scan

The bone density (dexa) scan is used to assess for osteoporosis.

Bones are made of a thick outer shell ( cortical bone) and a thinner honeycomb bone called trabeculate. In osteoporosis the finer honeycomb bone is broken down and the bones become fragile and break more easily. This is different to osteo-arthritis of the bone, which is where the joints wear out.

If you require a bone density scan, these can be arranged at the Spire Hospital Leicester, Gartree Road, Oadby. LE2  2FF. The cost is £75.

Please contact Joanne Hartshorn who will assess you over the phone and send a referral form to the hospital. The hospital will then contact you for an appointment.

For excellent information on the causes of Osteoporosis and prevention, go to the National Osteoporotic Society website.