Testimonials - Migraine

Constant Headaches

About 12 months ago I decided to try acupuncture to find some relief from the severe and constant headaches I had suffered from since 2012.

Jo was recommended by a friend, so I went along not knowing what to expect. What a nice surprise! The whole of that first session I was allowed to talk while Jo took notes. She then went on to explain why so many of us suffer from severe headaches and migraines.

Over the following months I had a mixture of exercise, massage and acupuncture. Almost a year on I am virtually pain free with only the occasional headache. I would definitely recommend Jo to anyone suffering with headaches or migraines.

Sue Biddlecombe

Chronic headaches

Having lived with Chronic headaches and regular migraines for over 20 years from my mid teens and more specialist visits, MRI scans, treatments and different medications it was a great relief to be referred to Jo and the team at Loughborough by a specialist in the winter of 2008.I had experienced headaches on average 5 to 6 days a week ranging in severity from merely obtrusive to capable of wiping out my day along with 3-4 severe migraines a month. Over the years I had been told I suffered from vertigo, had elevated adrenaline levels, allergies to certain foods, sinus problems, a broken nose and many more that I have thankfully forgotten. When I first met Jo it was a relief to talk to someone who 1. Actually listened to my symptoms and 2. recognized the affect it had on my day to day life.

She explained that she was certain that a lot of my problems stemmed from issues in my neck, not from injury but from everyday life and that given time she hoped that she could help me. It was important that there were no false promises as I had heard these before but a commitment to work not just on me from a physiotherapy perspective but to help me help myself.

After so many years of symptoms I wasn’t expecting an overnight cure but within 3 months of treatment and adapting the advice and exercises prescribed we started to break the cycle. You have to be committed to doing your share of the treatment but I have found the exercises prescribed (which take a matter of minutes) quickly became part of my daily regime.

For the last 18 months I have seen an incredible difference. I now no longer begrudgingly accept that I am going to feel rough all day and have to battle through the pain as I am generally clear of headaches, not 100% but that is to be expected. Now however a headache is a surprise than expected and is easily manageable. The affect has been noticeable not just by myself but also my family.

I have no hesitation in recommending Loughborough Physio to anyone suffering with similar symptoms, I can honestly say they have helped me more than I ever dared imagine.

Jon Frost

Severe Migraines

I visited Loughborough Physiotherapy Clinic after suffering from severe migraines for many, many years. I had tried all sorts of remedies from headaches tablets through to acupuncture which never seemed to get to the route of the problem.

A friend told me about Jo Hartshorn and how she would be able to help. Jo has been fantastic and has helped to stop the frequency of my migraines, only having the occasional one which I’m able to deal with much better. She also explained how they worked, what caused them and most importantly how to manage them.

I would strongly recommend Jo, she’s been very understanding, great to talk to and helped to combat a problem that has plagued me for a lot of years. She’s one in a million.

L Pedley