Shockwave Therapy testimonials

Testimonials - Shockwave Therapy

Having been a regular patient I had no hesitation in asking for help with a problem I was having with my elbow. I was experiencing severe pain in the joint that was radiating outwards and was finding little relief with the usual ice or heat treatments. I had had the symptoms for around 4-5 months when I mentioned to Jo and she quickly diagnosed golfers elbow ( I play regular but was struggling with this injury). Jo advised a range of stretches and massaging to try and ease but the problem kept returning. She then recommended trying Shockwave therapy. 4 sessions later and I have seen a massive improvement in mobility and alongside the stretches am almost pain free now. I still get the occasional twinge but this is very manageable and considering I suffered fro around 6 months in total the result is exceptional. I would strongly recommend Shock Wave treatment if suggested. 


When I came to the clinic I was in unbearable pain, I had tried everything to help my heel pain – pain killers, exercise, physio therapy and the pain was having such a negative impact upon every aspect of my life.
The shockwave therapy was my last resort for a normal life and I am glad to say that it has made a huge improvement to my every day foot pain and general well-being.