Covid-19 Updates


Welcome back!

So lovely seeing you all again! We missed you! ūüėĀ

Everything is now running smoothly…

  • Informed Consent that we require all patients to sign prior to face to face appointment…
  • Procedures are working well…
  • Appointments are staggered…
  • We’re taking temperatures…
  • Rooms are being thoroughly cleaned and ventilated between appointments…
  • PPE, including visors, masks, aprons and gloves, are being used.
Talking in masks all day takes getting used to… but we’re not complaining! ūüė∑
So you will see our staff and your physio in PPE when you come in for treatment. Modelled by Jo (and Steve, our friendly reception skeleton), you can’t see our faces but hopefully you can tell we’re smiling underneath the masks!
We are also recycling PPE with Terracycle. They do comprehensive recycling and we’re using this box to dispose of our used masks, aprons and gloves – worth the money to help save the environment from all the extra PPE plastic!

We are reopening!

We are pleased to announce that the Clinic will be reopening on June 8th 2020, for face to face appointments. We are following all the available guidelines to keep you and and our staff as safe as possible.

Video appointments will still be offered for those shielding, the vulnerable and those for whom reasonable treatment can be effectively carried out remotely We are being as transparent as possible as we open the Clinic.

Our full Protocols for Clinic reopening are available on request. Included in this will be the Informed Consent form that we require all patients to sign prior to a face to face appointment. Protocols and measures taken at the clinic will be updated as new information is issued by NHS England and our regulatory bodies. We can guarantee that we are taking all possible measures to keep you, and ourselves safe. This may affect the rhythm of the Clinic appointments but will not affect the quality of your care and the treatment that you receive.

If you have any questions or concerns please email Joanne Hartshorn, Senior Physiotherapist/Director at

Look forward to seeing you soon!