Face to face treatment

Face to Face Treatment

There will be the Informed Consent form that we require all patients to sign prior to a face to face appointment. Our full Protocols for Clinic reopening are available on request.

Protocols and measures taken at the clinic to keep our staff and patients safe, will be updated as new information is issued by NHS England and our regulatory bodies.

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(published 25.05.2020)

Suitability for Face to Face Treatment

Patients will be given a telephone screening call, to assess for face to face suitability. The physio will discuss your case and treatment options. You will be asked health questions and the risks and benefits will be discussed.

Screening for Covid-19

Patients will be screened for Covid-19 and asked not to attend the Clinic if they should be isolating under current government guidelines. Patients will be asked if they, or someone they are in close contact with, are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms (Symptoms include a new dry cough, temperature above 37.8° or reduced ability to taste or smell).



Temperature Check

All patients entering the clinic will have temperatures checked and requested to return home if their temperature is 37.8° or above.

Regular Staff Screening

Staff will have temperature checks daily and if it exceeds 37.8° they will be sent home for 7 days, or until the temperature is normal in the presence of no further symptoms.

Staggered Appointments

Appointment times will be staggered to reduce the number of people in the waiting room at one time. Patients are asked to come NO more than 5 minutes early to their appointments and, unless necessary, to come into the Clinic alone. Exceptions are made for safety and chaperoning.

Social Distancing

The waiting room has been rearranged and marked with signage to ensure social distancing (more than 2 meters). Staggered appointments and reduced staff in the Clinic will allow us to follow social distancing.

Hand Hygiene

Sanitising stations are present for use on entering and leaving the Clinic. Patient toilets are closed to reduce risk of transmission but there is hand sanitiser available to patients. Physios and staff will be following strict hand washing protocol and will sanitise frequent ‘touchpoints’ (e.g. door handles, chair arms) in the clinic.


Card Payment Only

We ask that where possible, patients pre-pay for their appointment online or over the phone. If this is not possible, card payments can be made at the Clinic. The card terminal is cleaned after each use and we will ask that hands are sanitised before and after use. No cash will be accepted as payment, to help reduce risk of transmission of Covid-19.


Frequent Cleaning

We have increased the frequency and level of our cleaning within the Clinic. Regular ‘touchpoints’ such as chair arms, door handles, light switches are all cleaned regularly throughout the day. Rooms are deep cleaned in between patients and aired. Use of equipment is kept to a minimum and all equipment is cleaned after use. If couch covers and pillows are used, they are changed after each patient, washed at 60° and ironed.

Use of PPE

Our Physiotherapists will be wearing the necessary PPE, aprons, and masks, and possibly gloves. Gloves are optional as handwashing in hot soapy water is effective against the virus and gloves should not be a substitute to good hand hygiene. If there is increased likelihood of “splash back”, for instance in heavy exercise, a visor may be worn.


All staff and patients will be required to wear masks in the Clinic. We ask that all patients wear a mask whilst in the Clinic (these are provided for those who do not have a mask, and returned at end of treatment to be washed at 60° and ironed as per guidelines).