Face To Face Physio During Covid-19

Hi all!

Just touching base with you all in this strange new season.

We are still running virtual appointments, which continue to be popular for those who are more vulnerable with health conditions. A silver lining from this, is finding a new way of helping patients who otherwise would find it difficult to attend for face to face treatment for a variety of reasons.

However we are also now running full lists with face to face appointments. Patients have responded well to having their temperature taken, regular hand sanitising and the distancing measures within the Clinic. We have had positive comments on how we are handling the situation and that patients generally feel “safe”. That is good to know!

Results from our survey on the matter in due course!

We continue to wear PPE in treatment and masks around the Clinic, clean the rooms between appointments and space the appointments to allow for cleaning and less bodies in reception at one time. This means slightly longer days for the physiotherapists, but we are all taking it within our stride.

If you are thinking about an appointment, please do ring to discuss how we can best help you. Now is as good a time as any to address those issues.

Stay safe

Jo x

by | 9 Mar, 2023 | Health, Massages, Therapy, Tips | 0 comments

by | 9 Mar, 2023 | Health, Massages, Therapy, Tips | 0 comments