Jigsaw Neck

Jigsaw Neck

“Jigsaw” neck! An unusual symptom of Lockdown!

Interesting that we sometimes see a run of problems relating to a specific situation. Years ago we had a number of low back issues from people sitting in the cinema (remember those days?) watching the film “Titanic”- which was a looooong film!
In the last three weeks I have had four patients presenting with “Jigsaw” neck pain. A few hours bending over a table with a puzzle hunting for straight edges, has set off some neck issues. You don’t always need to play sport to cause injury that requires physio!
If working on jigsaw puzzles is a passion of yours, please set a timer and stretch your back and neck every 20 mins.
Changing position regularly improves blood circulation and prevents the body from stiffening.
This also applies to those working hunched over laptops and computers, working hard from home. You may be experiencing similar neck issues and if you need help, please get in touch for advice or book online!

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