Leicester Riders screening

Leicester Riders screening

A busy couple of weeks with Rider’s Academy last month, completing pre-season screening reports for each player. The clinic works closely with Leicester Riders and Charnwood College basketball players, to keep them playing at their best and improving their performance on the court.

Leicester Riders academy and players get physio and screening at Loughborough Physio clinic

What is screening?

It is an important tool in helping athletes in their chosen sport. If carried out initially,during the pre-season period, it can provide a reference point for the athlete’s personal profile.

Screenings should take place several times throughout a season. It will then effectively identify physical changes, allowing us to customise training programmes. We’ll be seeing the Riders players again to screen them later in the year.

Screening is especially important with adolescents, whose muscles and bones are still developing. Screening helps us to understand how the individual athlete’s growth and development is occurring. If weak areas are found, the athletes, coaches and physios can focus and strengthen.

The information provided from screening also allows for the post-injury athlete to return to sport. The information is useful for physiotherapists in offering the correct treatment and exercise protocol.

Performance Enhancement Physiotherapy

Do you play sport? We run performance enhancement clinics where you can be assessed bio mechanically against the requirements for your sport and given an exercise programme to improve your performance! Contact the clinic for further information…


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