Mastering Chronic Pain

Mastering Chronic Pain

Mastering Chronic Pain

What is Chronic Pain?

Pain means different things to different people, in different contexts, and based on different experiences. Acute, sharp pain that usually accompanies an injury, infection or trauma is often short-lived. This pain usually goes, following the body’s normal healing response. However, chronic pain affects 20% of the adult population and can persist month after month and even year after year. This pain can be difficult to master.  Rather than a structural issue, although these do occur, chronic pain is harder to quantify. This kind of pain is often due to alteration within the different parts of the pain system.

Living with Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain is almost a disease itself. It can slowly and progressively affect your confidence, self-worth, and independence. It can consume your life and thoughts; often affecting relationships with your friends, family and even your workplace.

Living with pain is exhausting. Lack of sleep, anxiety and depression often go hand in hand with pain. This in turn can lead to anger and frustration and problems with your relationships at home and with yourself. Physical pain can stop you from doing things you love, like taking walks, playing sports and socialising, which also has an impact on your mental health.

“It takes an army”

You know the saying “it takes a village”  – Well we believe it takes an army to help survive and thrive with chronic pain. It is important that you are in control and you are the driver of your pain management it would be unrealistic to assume you can do this alone.

You need support from many places:

  • from friends
  • family
  • work colleagues or associates
  • pain specialists
  • physiotherapists

Physiotherapists have an important role to play as one of the many inputs to managing chronic pain. This is achieved using manual therapy, exercises, management of expectation, advice and more.

Resources from us to you

This month we’ve put together a range of resources, with links available on our Facebook page, that might help you on your journey to manage pain.

We have leaflets on the following topics:

  • The Strain of Pain: Dispelling the myths behind chronic pain with strategies for managing your pain
  • Understanding Chronic Pain
  • Skills to Cope with Chronic Pain
  • How Physiotherapy Can Help You if You Suffer from Chronic Pain
  • How Pain Affects Your Life (infographic)
  • Relaxation for Chronic Pain (exercise handout)
  • Building Activity into Your Everyday Life If You Suffer from Musculoskeletal Pain
  • Chronic Pain: Tips for Managing Activity Levels



These resources are packed with practical tips and advice, along with worksheets, exercise leaflets and infographics that combine to help you master your chronic pain.

You can download the resources here MASTERING CHRONIC PAIN

If you’re living with pain on a regular basis then there are many ways we can help. So if you need advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you know anyone who could benefit from any of these resources then please feel free to share this blog post with them.

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