Osteo Arthritis – Hips & Knees

General advice for Osteoarthritis of the Hips and Knees

Pain at night: sleep on side with a large-ish pillow between knees.

Buy cushioned insoles to place in shoes. This decreases the impact through the lower limbs when taking a step. If walking or standing a lot wear trainers or cushioned sole shoes.

Non-weight bearing exercise within your pain-free limits. E.g. swimming or cycling (easy pedalling with a higher than average seat height.) If swimming is difficult, try floating in the water and gentle hip and knee stretches. (bend/straighten).

If descending stairs is painful on the knees, turn around and descend ”backwards”.

If you are carrying extra weight, consult a dietician to aid weight-loss. It can be difficult to achieve if life is sedentary due to pain, but a dietician can help. Registered dieticians can be contacted through your GP.

Talk to physiotherapist in a one-off appointment to learn a series of knee and hip stretching and strengthening exercises. This decreases the load through the joint and removes strain from the soft tissues surrounding the joint. It is often these that account for pain in osteoarthritis rather than true bone pain.

In a morning, lie on your back and bend and straighten legs a few times before standing up. Begin with a small range of movement and increase the range as pain allows.

Always have a stick measured to the correct height by a physiotherapist – the wrong height will place strain on other structures. The sick is held on the OPPOSITE side to the painful side.

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