performance enhancement in divers

performance enhancement in divers

Working with some internationally competing divers this last few weeks. We have been looking at performance enhancement.


One issue with one of the divers is that when the diver is in the air, he is unable to keep his legs in position. He enters the water in a slightly piked position rather than straight. He has seen other physios and had exercise programmes, but nothing has been altering his entry position.

We checked his ranges of movement and if they were acceptable for the movements he needed to do – and they were. We then looked at his stability. His training programme had been very static. Exercises which needed strength when anchored in position; for example the plank, were excellent. However, when diving and in “flight”, control needs to be accessed in an unstable, moving environment.

We addressed the diver’s control when diving and in “flight”. We began exercises on the stability ball and TRX; where one needs to stabilise the core and then move another body part whilst maintaining stability. This was very weak in the diver. A few sessions later and we have an acceptable dive position! A bit more work and it will be perfect.

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