Physiotherapy is a science based, increasingly evidence based profession, that aims to improve nerve, joint and muscle function.
It takes a “whole person” approach to health; looking at all aspects of life that are affected by pain, poor function, poor biomechanics, altered posture, disease or aging.

Physiotherapists work ON you, mobilising, massaging, stretching using different techniques and work WITH you, giving you exercise programmes and helping you understand the cause and also how to manage or prevent your issues returning. Physiotherapy aims to restore fitness and function, including flexibility, strength, coordination and balance.

At the clinic every one of our physiotherapists is highly qualified and very experienced. Each has many years of training, updating and years of mileage in terms of treating different conditions. Each has taken training to a postgraduate level. We are passionate about excellence in patient care, about clear and accurate diagnosis and thorough treatment. Giving patients a clear understanding of their injury/condition and clear guidance in how patients can help themselves to heal and prevent further occurrence is fundamental to our practice. We work closely with other professionals including masseuses, GPs, Consultants, Pain management specialists, personal trainers, coaches and podiatrists.

Physiotherapists at the Loughborough Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic work with babies, children, adolescents and adults of all ages. If you are unsure whether we can help, please contact us and ask. We are passionate about what we do and if we can help you, we will!

The journey begins with the first step