Scan Referral

Scan Referrals

At the clinic we are able to refer you for an MRI scan, if you are paying for it privately. Patients using insurance will need to contact the insurance company and follow their specific protocol. This is usually seeing a GP for referral to a specialist who will then order an MRI. We are unable to access any treatment on the NHS.

MRI scanning

At the clinic we are able to refer you for an MRI scan. The scanner is situated at Nuffield Hospital, Scraptoft Lane, Leicester LE5 1HY. It is a state-of-the-art facility.


  • To be referred, please contact the clinic to make a scanner-appointment with Joanne Hartshorn.
  • Once she has taken details and ensured that you meet the protocol for referral, she will then forward a completed application form with your details to Nuffield.
  • Nuffield will contact you, talk you through a safety questionnaire to ensure the scan is safe for you, go through the costs, take payment and make an appointment.
  • The scan will be reported by a consultant radiologist and then returned to the clinic within 5 working days.
  • Joanne Hartshorn will then arrange an appointment to go through the results and discuss the next step.
  • She will write to your GP with recommendations and can refer you privately to a specialist if required.

Bone Density Scan

The bone density (dexa) scan is used to assess for osteoporosis.

Bones are made of a thick outer shell ( cortical bone) and a thinner honeycomb bone called trabeculate. In osteoporosis the finer honeycomb bone is broken down and the bones become fragile and break more easily. This is different to osteo-arthritis of the bone, which is where the joints wear out.

For excellent information on the causes of Osteoporosis and prevention, go to the National Osteoporotic Society website.

For more information about osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, please speak to one of our experienced physios for advice and treatment.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently in the process of sourcing a hospital or facility in the Midlands that has a Dexa scanner and can perform this test.